Profile - Martin Sundstrøm Multimedia Design



The Designer:

My name is Martin Kleis Sundstrøm, I'm a digital designer who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with my girlfriend and my daughter. I got my first computer with a mouse and a graphics program at age 12. I started making my own little games and digital illustrations, and haven't let go of the mouse since. 

The Site:
This web site is both a personal and professional portfolio, which is why you'll find the content very diverse in both style and quality, spanning many years of work and many side-steps into new creative territory. 

Personal and professional history:
I grew up in London, England, from age 6. When I moved home to Denmark at age 17, I started looking for a place to use my skills. But nobody had any idea what to do with a digital illustrator in 1992. 

I spent some time in a Danish college, but dropped out when I was fortunate enough to become one of only 30 students to get into Space Invaders School of Multimedia Design at age 19. I spent most of may days and nights over the next 2 years absorbing as much information as possible, and applying the knowledge gained from the professional teachers and fellow creative students at the school. I learned the basics of programming, digital project management, usability, graphic design, video editing, 3D and web design. After graduation I immediately started work as a web designer, and have bounced between global corporations and small local businesses ever since. I currently hold the position of Digital Designer at Datagraf Communications in Copenhagen. 

Since an early age I have been into music, the whole family on my father's side plays some kind of instrument. At age 17 I decided to become a singer, and have been in 6 different heavy metal bands and learned digital recording and production skills along the way. I currently produce and perform in a hip-hop trio called Syndicate Zero. 

In 2008 I started getting into Photography as a way to gather visual material for my work, but have since become very interested in the subject as a new skill. 

If you like what you see, I'm always looking for new challenges so get in touch regarding commissions. For a full CV I recommend visting my LinkedIn profile.